Hello, and Happy Bloody New Year to yah!! I hope you all had a sufficiently festive Christmas, ate copious amounts of good food and drank your weight in wine! I know i did! 

I took a rather big break from everything over Christmas, a few weeks away from blogging, from work, and spent a lot of time back home in the Borders, recharging and getting fat! HAH! But i’m back, with lots of nice new things to Blog about, an impending wedding getting closer and closer by the day a diary full of fun stuff and a notebook full of ideas to share! 

I decided the first post should be an outfit post, as over the winter, with Christmas presents and then the sales, i’ve accumulated a rather sizeable collection… i’ll try and get round to showing it all to you, but i’m sure you’ll see it pop up on my Instagram and Twitter at some stage!! 

I picked up this Jumper in H&M after Christmas with some Christmas money, it’s super soft, with huuuuuge sleeves, and it’s great for wearing all dressed up or nice and casual in the house to keep cosy! I couldn’t find it on the website but i tracked another similar one down here.  The photos i’m taking with my brand new tripod and remote my lovely in-laws gave me for Christmas.  So when my personal photographer is off at work, i’ll have no worries keeping up the blog photos! 

Calum and i didn’t do Christmas presents this year, and here is why.  This shiny little babe is my new engagement ring.  Unfortunately my first ring, that was Calum’s Great Aunt’s, was wearing very thin and fragile.  So we decided that when we went to choose our wedding bands that we would pick up a new engagement ring for me too, So essentially, this guy was my Christmas present.  I couldn’t love it more, and i can’t wait to show you what it’s like with the band… not long now!

These walking boots are made of magic stuff, they are soooo comfy, and i mean COM-FAY! I got them in the Urban Outfitters Sale here, with vouchers my brother gave me for Christmas.  There are still plenty sizes left and they’re perfect for keeping up with my dog walks with a stylish yet practical approach so they get a huge thumbs up! 

I’ve got a few great things happening in January, including the Scot Street Style Gathering in Glasgow on the 31st, and i’m so looking forward to it.  I can’t wait to meet some of the bloggers i’ve gotten to know online face to face and get down to some serious chat about the great #Gathering movement! 

Are any of you heading through?  Let me know, i’ll hit you up! 🙂 

Sarah x


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