So you’ll know, as i think i’ve mentioned it a million few times, but In April Calum and i are getting married.  We’ve been engaged since June 2013, which feels like forever ago and with only 3 months to go now, things are really heating up!  I wanted to share with you a little about our Engagement, so you can get to know us a wee bit better! 

Calum proposed in Tenerife, our first proper, grown up holiday away together.  It happened on our first night and i had absolutely NO idea.  He somehow managed to get the ring box hidden in the lining of our hand luggage, which i would have thought to be near impossible as i had full control of packing.

We went to dinner and took a walk afterwards, Calum had been to the same spot before so he knew his way around.  He wanted to take a walk to the end of the pier (proposal spot no.1) but that was closed.  He then suggested we headed to the teeny tiny section of beach at the edge of the town (proposal spot no.2) but being thee last place on the island to get the sun, it was still packed with tourists.  Not really the place for a romantic walk.  By this time i was ready to dive in to a large cocktail and slip into my food coma i’d been putting off since we left the restaurant.  But, Calum insisted that we keep going, so through a car park we went.  At the end of the car park, really just for hotel visitors, was the most incredible view, the best on the whole island.  I of course took the photo op and began to take a panoramic photo.  I’m useless at those, so as i sped round far too fast, i caught Calum in the edge of the photo.  Now i know he’s not the tallest, but this is ridiculous….

The reason that you can only see his forehead and spiky hair is due to the fact he was down on one knee.  There and then, i squealed, laughed, cried… basically expressed every emotion possible whilst he went through his speech and asked me to marry him.  And obviously, i said yes. This is one of the most treasured photos i have.  And if anyone knows where i can get it printed and framed, please let me know! 

This ring belonged to Calum’s Great Aunt, you’ll see in my last post that we’ve updated my ring, unfortunately this one became just too delicate 

Our first photo as Mr & Mrs to be. 

We’re in to the thick of  wedding planning now, with so little time left to go there isn’t really a whole lot left to do, other than the little bits and pieces.  I’m going to be posting a few bits to show you how i’ve gotten myself organised, along with a few posts about the suppliers we’ve used for our ‘Rustic’ wedding theme, and our honeymoon destination! I’m excited to share it all with you, i’ve had to keep it a Secret for soooo long!

Sarah x


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