Before the sun was even up this morning, Poppy and i headed down to the beach for a breezy morning walk.  And breezy it was, blowing a gale and bloody freezing.  Poppy is still sporting a rather rugged Puppy Chic look for January, so she was kept nice and cosy whilst running around like a dafty over the sand! She loves the beach, and whenever she spots it, cries and cries until we’ve parked the car and she can get out! Nutter. 

Theres always a gorgeous sunrise in St Andrews, being on the east coast, on a clear day it’s nice to catch it coming up over water. I don’t even want to think about how cold that would have been this morning.  Brrrrr.  Luckily, Poppy doesn’t swim, so we avoided the waves and kept our walk further up the beach.

 I decided to keep cosy with my Navy Pea Coat  from Asos, after seeing the Chung rock a similar one with a denim shirt, (see above) i thought, that is a look i can work with.  Simple, casual, and pretty versatile.  It obviously wasn’t the weather for me to be rocking my pasty pins in sandals and the nice thing about this look is that you can wear pretty much whatever on the bottom.  Navy is a great colour for a coat too, it allows you a lot of freedom with the rest of the look.  

I’m totally in love with the collar on this coat, the wind wasn’t allowing be to have it flicked up for too long today, but when theres a wind break, you can go all ‘inspector’ with the huge lapels, flip them up and mooch around looking all mysterious like you’re up to something.  Keep them guessing, it’s more fun!!! 

We’re heading in to town later to do some shopping and make the most of the rest of Saturday before i start work tonight!  My time there is slooooowly coming to an end and in three weeks time, i start my new job, back home in the Borders! Calum and i are both really excited about putting some roots down there and getting settled into life in the thick of the Border hills.  It’s been almost 9 years since i moved away from home… (Wow. Feeling old) at 17 to start Uni in Dundee, and i’ve loved my time up here.  I’ve met some of the best friends i could ask for, met my Husband-to-be and had some great experiences, but i feel now is a good time to head home.

Hope you all have a great Saturday! 

Sarah x 


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