For the first time in ages, the sun was shining yesterday morning so i took full advantage of it and headed out with Poppy and my Tripod up the roads behind our house where there are plenty fields for her to run riot in! Is was a gorgeous day, but still bloody freezing, my hands were bright red and like blocks of ice when we got back, so it was a quick move getting the fire and kettle on to thaw out afterwards.
This post features a bit of a mix on a Masculine and Feminine look, Dr Martens and a little Tea Dress with a Pussy Bow.  I love mixing styles like this,  it’s great to have versatile pieces in your wardrobe, you get so much more wear out of them when you can dress something up to look super chic and lady like, and dress it down and rock around as cool as a cucumber.

I decided to give the look a little summin’ summin’ by pairing it with my Dr Martens, these are my first pair and are in the 939 model.  I fell in love with them after seeing Keira Knightly wear them in so many great looks for a casual day time outfit.  They are SO comfy, and for someone with feet a little distorted from years of Dance, Gymnastics and dare i say it, ill fitting shoes (Yes. Ok Mum, you were right :)) they are great.  I love the laces too, the yellow/red two tone laces go really well with the brown boots.  I’ve been wearing them tons, and they look great with a nice pair of blue jeans, super chunky knit and over coat! Now all i need is a Husband in a super cool band like Keira! (I’m kidding Calum, obvs) 

How cute is this little Chung inspired dress?  It’s from Zara and i picked it up to wear on Christmas day and i absolutely love it! It’s sold out now, but there is this super similar one here and it’s in the sale for only £15.99! So hurry before it’s gone too!
I liked the fit of this dress, nice and loose so i could consume as much chocolate and turkey as i liked on Christmas Day without feeling horribly restricted.  The only issue i had was with the tights, as my belly got bigger and the food baby grew my tights rolled further down! So i would advise a well fitting pair of tights.  Pulling them up whilst in a pretty dress was not the most lady like. However i can’t say i was too worried about it by 7pm, ready to wallow in guilt over too many roasties whilst watching Downton Abbey.

Someone is in desperate need of a trim!! 

I reckon i’m going to get tons of wear out of both of these pieces.  There is something about a pair of Dr Martens that is timeless, and they’ll keep coming back around in one way or another.  Just an example, both my Dad, and my Papa said they had similar boots.  Yes they are both Men, but minor details folks, i happen to totally love them and can’t wait to see what else i can wear them with. 

Sarah x 


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