And here we have the January instalment of My Little Box.  If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you’ll know that once a month i get a little delivery all the way from Paris.  Each box has a theme, tailored the the time of year, and this month we are treated to an Energy Box.  Perfect for January.  

Beauty Products, Check, Magazine, Check, Gym Bag…. yes.  A gym Bag.  Nothing like give you a gentle Nudge (push) in the right direction this January.  If you have made any new years resolutions this year to get fit, well, then you’ve got the perfectly chic bag to carry your kit. 

First up this month, we’ve got this lovely Red Nail Polish from Nails Inc.  Now, coming from France, it really wouldn’t be any other colour now, would it?  I for one am so glad it’s red, i love red nail polish.  Well, i love it, but i hate it at the same time, it looks amazing on, by my god is it a complete bitch to take off! You’ll have nice pink fingers for a few hours afterwards for sure! 

We’ve also been treated to some cream from Talika Paris their latest formula called Photo-Hydra Day, which is designed to sink even deeper into your skin and provide instant hydration.  It promises to keep your skin supple and soft all day long, and wha’d’ya know, it comes with a wonderful romantic story.  In 1948 a lady named Danielle fell in love with a Soldier, who had been wounded in the eye.  Danielle spent her days and nights, making a cream that would help to heal it.  She succeeded and they lived happily ever after! Well, maybe not quite, but still.  Isn’t that lovely! 

My Collection of My Little beauty products is coming along nicely now, and i have this little guy to add now too.  It’s an Energy Mist.  Perfect for misting away the January Blues, it’s full of antioxidants, Vitamin C and regenerating green tea.  All sure fire ingredients to make sure your skin will glow.  Give yourself a spritz in the morning, afternoon and before you go to bed and your face will be illuminated through sheer happiness that your taking care of it! 

I’m going to enjoy the rest of our Sunday, have a little read of this magazine and get ready for Monday.  As tomorrow, my Bridesmaids and i are headed to a dress fitting and make up trial.  I’m going to try to get some photos to show you all so stay tuned! 

Sarah x


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