Last Monday morning i headed to Upper Street Head office on Mortimer Street in London, which is not too far from Oxford Circus, Just a quick walk behind Mecca (TopShop).  I had been invited down to design a pair of shoes after my Halloween post on their gorgeous Bat Shoe, which you can view here!  Needless to say i was so excited to go down and explore London, whilst getting to complete possibly one of the most exciting things i’ve ever done.  I mean, who can say no to designing their own shoes? 

Upper Street offer an online service for women to design their own shoes.  From size, shape, materials, you name it, it’s your call! Visit the site here and get to grips with what they offer.  

Recognise these?! 

As you can see, the show room is absolutely stunning! It’s got such a lovely parisian feel to it, with the additional perk of a lovely cup of tea and some Scrummy shortbread.  I pinched some of those for my flight home… couldn’t help myself! Helena makes you feel right at home, in the show room, asking questions about shoes you like, styles, and heel height, grabbing samples and swatches of materials for you to flick through.  I would advise going with an idea in your head first, otherwise the whole process could get a little over whelming, there’s just so much choice!! 

Now, i have exceptionally wide and not very nice feet.  The poor things get put through a lot.  So for anyone in a similar situation, Upper Street offer a ‘wide’ fitting in their shoes too, which when trying on the samples was like a cushion for my feet, i wish everyone offered it.

the piles and pile of material swatches to choose from! 
Can you spot the Elf on the Shelf?


So not only is every bit of your shoe tailored and designed to your specifications, but when you finish them off, you can have your name, your partners name or in my case my Blog Name written within the inside sole.  They are packaged up in these gorgeous boxes and posted to the eagerly awaiting customers.  They’ll take around 4 weeks to get to you, but it’s such a short time to wait for bespoke shoes.  You’ll have to wait to see what shoes i decided upon and what materials i used.  But stay tuned, i have a feeling they’re going to be something very, very special! 

Wouldn’t you just love a ‘Shoe shelf’ in your house?

If any of you live near Mortimer Street, or are heading to London and are in need of a special pair of shoes, i would highly recommend booking in with the girls at Upper Street.  A fabulous experience, producing a fabulous outcome, There’s nothing not to love.

 Sarah x


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