On Saturday Calum and i headed up to Pillars of Hercules for lunch.  We’d never been before, but had heard lovely things about the organic food, made, grown and sold up there.   We weren’t disappointed.  The Café itself was really busy, so we decided to sit outside, ‘It’s Freezing’ i hear you cry.  Well, no worries here, if you get a little chilly, there are blankets on the backs of the chairs you can wrap up in and keep cosy! Which to be honest is a genius idea!! 

It’s a great little place, with lots to see in the shop, from Organic wine, to cheese and some delicious fruit and veg.  There’s also a strawberry patch, so i think we’ll be back when it gets warmer to pick some up for some summer fruit salads! We didn’t take Poppy with us, but i kind of wish we had, there’s some great trails up there and doggy’s are welcome to come sit with you whilst you enjoy a nice lunch.  

Better not forget to mention that beast of a scone! Totally organic, and totally delicious! White Chocolate and Strawberry, i managed to stop Calum from stealing half of it before i got back to my seat after flitting around with the camera…swine. 

It’s also worth mentioning, that if you live in Fife, Pillars deliver their own Veg boxes.  Which look great.  Your weekly supply of vitamins straight to your door, Calum loves his veg, as do i and we’re finding it increasingly difficult to find good quality in the supermarket.  So i think we’ll be giving this a try, we’ll be sure to let you all know how we get on! Do any of you eat organically? 

Sarah x


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