Now, i’m not sure if these posts work better for vloggers or bloggers, but i thought i would show you my bag and the contents that lie within.  Don’t worry, i vetted it quickly before i got started, didn’t want any nasty surprises.  

I got this bag from Top Shop, a Soft Pony Trim Satchel embossed with faux pony hair trims, i do love a bit of Pony Hair… The bag features a buckle clip front fastening, grab handle and long shoulder strap, so it’s great for handling, swinging over your shoulder or cross body! It doesn’t extend, but it’s already at a great length that even whilst it’s on your shoulder you can open it and grab a few bits without losing control and the contents rolling about on the floor. 

First up, is my Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse which is old but this one is similar.  I got this for my Birthday from Calum a few years ago, and it’s the best purse i’ve ever owned.  It gets stuffed full of rubbish (more receipts than money) and it hasn’t got a single leather tear on it. Yes the metal is a little scratched, but if you’re looking to invest in a good every day purse that will hold all your crap, this is a definite winner! 

I always carry a little bit of beauty in my bag, but not much.  Just a few bits for a touch up during my work shifts or whilst i’m wandering around somewhere.  My Kérastase Laque Couture Hairspray in a mini which i got in My Little Box last month is a permanent feature! It’s a great size for carrying around in my bag and it’s handy for giving my short mop a bit of a lift and some texture throughout the day! 

My perfume today is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre which i pretty much wear everyday! If you haven’t seen it in this form before, you need to get on it! The handbag sizes are little twist bottles, that hold 20mls of perfume! When purchased you get two other refills, so 60ml in total! (It’s on sale in Debenhams right now, so get to it) Buying perfume like this is great, you don’t have to humph about a giant bottle and you don’t risk a perfume soaked bag, broken glass included.   They’re a must for girls on the move! AND because they’re only 20ml each, you can fly with them no worries! No super scary airport security is gonna try and take this baby off you. 

I’m a total note book enthusiast/organisational freak, so i’ve always got my Mulberry Planner with me.  This one is old, and i actually got it on eBay, complete bargain! But it’s been my saviour and one of the best things i’ve ever bought! When planning a wedding, working full time and now blogging, it’s great for making sure my life is in order.  It’s getting more and more hectic so it’s constantly full of lists and appointments.

Of course, anyone mad on Social media will have a phone with a dying battery at least once during the day.  I usually carry my portable charger, but today, i hadn’t actually charged it (DUH) so i just grabbed my good old bulky plug and cable. How interesting huh?!

i’ve generally either got my specs with me, or a pair of sunglasses.  The weather has been particularly foggy the last few days, so sunglasses have taken a back seat.  My Specs are from Ace & Tate and you can read all about them over here.  I was in too much of a rush to pack and actual make-up today (this is not un-common) but there is usually a few Soap and Glory goodies and at least one six lipsticks! I just can’t get used to the reduced day light in the morning and i’m always in a rush! 

So there we have it, the contents of my bag this Monday!  I have to say, that if you’re thinking of picking up a satchel for this AW14 then you should definitely consider this one.  It’s one of my faves and a perfect every day-er. 

Is there anything you think i should be carrying in my bag?  Do you guys carry the same? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Sarah x


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