The Mainstreet Trading Company lives on the Main Street in St Boswell’s not far from Mum and Dads house and after running a few Saturday morning errands mum and i decided to head over for a wee look.  It’s been a long time since i was last here and in that time (2years) they’ve opened up a Deli and a home ware ‘hut’ through the back of the book and coffee shop! 

I scoped the cakes for around a minute, knowing full well i’d have a scone, but they all did look absolutely delicious!! Mum had a quick look around the kids books, checking out some good ones for the classroom! I had a look next door at the more adult fiction books and the little bits and bobs on the shelves.  There’s a great selection of books for reading, getting information on places, history, famous folks and ones that would look lovely on any coffee table.  


This was my favourite part, the ‘Burrow.’  There are often authors who come and read their books to children and adults alike and these little burrows are perfect for escaping with a good book.  I’d like one in my house, under the stairs, i think it would be a bit like being Harry Potter for an afternoon. 

Next door, is one completely different story.  I would have happily moved in the deli and fed myself with the yummy foods and kept myself occupied with the beautiful home ware through the back.  Mum let out a sneaky giggle when we walked through, knowing full well i was in my element! She know’s me well. 

There were lovely Christmas decorations lying on the tables, tea sets, kitchen ware, and more books!  The back is exactly how i would like the rooms in my house to look.  Cosy and full of things to look at.  We spent a good bit of time wandering around exclaiming ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ at all the lovely things, i think i’ll be going back soon and stocking up on some throws and cushions!  

When we got home, i took Poppy for a quick wander round the fields behind the house.  We were leaving to go watch the rugby at Mum’s friends house and grab some dinner with them so i took a few quick snaps of our rather majestic looking puppy.  Isn’t she pretty?  I don’t think there is a single thing in the world i love more than that little face! 

Perhaps thee most exciting part of the weekend, was that on Sunday Mum and I met my best friend in Edinburgh and we went to pick up my Wedding Dress! Eeeeee! I love it just as much as i did the first time i tried it on, which is a bonus considering it was one of the first things i did.  I was a teeny bit worried i’d go off it since we’ve been engaged since June 2013, that’s a long time to love a dress who haven’t worn yet.  

Sarah x


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