Yesterday, Dan and i went into St Andrews for breakfast at the ever familiar Mitchells Deli which, in our humble opinion, does the best Eggs Benedict in town, I mean, just take a look at it, we’re not wrong.  After filling up and putting the world to rights we headed off to take a look at Dan’s new work space.  All will be revealed on that one in good time my friends. 

It was a braw morning for a walk down the Scores; cold, crisp but sunny and nice and warm in the sun!  I was a little disappointed it had rained the night before,  i was so looking forward to getting my new boots in and about all the crunchy leaves- I wasn’t quite up for dragging them through sloppy, wet ones. 



I brought my H&M scarf out again for the stroll, it’s super cosy and obviously all the ‘colours’ i adore.  P.s is anyone else absolutely dying to get their hands on the Alexander Wang range hitting H&M on Thursday?  I’ve set every reminder/alarm/calendar event possible in order to try and get myself hooked up with the lovely Scuba-Esq. get up! 



As always when with Dan, things got a little silly whilst taking the photos, he’s getting rather good at being my Photographer don’t you think?



If you want to check out the outfit, you can find the Cardigan and the boots both from Zara, here and here.  I can’t take credit for the boots, My good friend Angela hooked me up with those, Check out her Beautiful Blog here

Sarah x 



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