Now, i’m not about to break into song or recite a poem or anything, but i thought seeing as it was her Birthday yesterday i would put together a wee post of the Ultimate reasons why we I love Alexa Chung, after all, she is my no.1 inspiration, for the hair and eye liner, her taste in men and the music.  

The Queen

The Queen by sarah-colvine featuring Nails Inc.

So seeing as i read (and watched) High Fidelity recently and LOVED it, we’ll start this in a matter fit for the pages of the book with a Top Five!  So here we go, my ‘Top Five Reasons (as if you need any) to Love Alexa Chung!’

Number One

I think this was the first ever photo of the Chung that i got excited about, i remember buying striped tops, squeezing in to the skinniest of jeans and layering up the necklaces. Not only that but i was at a good few music festivals that year too, trying to grab Alex Turners leg and declare undying love and devotion (Not so proud of that). This was around 8 years ago (i know right?) and i got it wrong, oh so wrong on so many occasions.  

Number Two.

 Next up, is the hair cut.  This very hair cut, made me cut all my own hair off and get a fringe one January back in 2009,  seemed like a good idea at the time, but i wasn’t ready for the fringe commitment and promptly grew it out. HA! Times have changed though, i feel like i can give my fringe the attention is needs these days… mostly because i’ve cut the rest of my hair off. 

I miss that top!

Number Three 
Sonic Youth. Whether you love the band or not, i think it’s only fair to say that once Alexa was photographed in this little number, sales soared. Of course as i am, and always will be, a fanatic, guess who also bought it…? In fact recently i bought another one from eBay.  There’s something about a vintage music t-shirt that brings out the rocker in everyone.

Number Four

The Cats Eyes.  Hours, painstaking hours, have been spent by girls all over the world trying to perfect the Alexa Chung Cat eye.  I mean, isn’t it the reason we’re always late?  Getting one eye perfect and then cocking up the second and having to start all over again? The trials and tribulations of a cat eye flick fanatic.  Luckily, the beaut brought out her own eyeliner with Eyeko with tutorials and everything on how to get the eyes just like her.  Thank God! 



Number Five
This year at London Fashion Week, the Topshop show was a buzz with celebs rocking the latest collection.  Alexa was seen in this leopard print skirt and yellow sweater and everyone was talking about her pig tails for daaaaays.  Totally on point and way ahead in the style stakes in my opinion.   If you’re gonna do a revival, this is how.  The perfect outfit for a fashionista.  The skirt sold out, naturally.  And i waited days and days for it to come back into stock.  When it arrived i instantly fell in love with the furry feel and gorgeous shape, it was definitely worth the wait.  I think i’ll leave the pigtails to the Chung though. 🙂

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Happy Thursday!!

Sarah x


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