My Cosy box came at just the right time this month.  It’s getting super chilly in the mornings/all day long so a little something to warm you up, is always welcome.  This month, there is an array of goodies to make you feel all fuzzy, and first up has been my lifesaver this week. 


This is a little cushion by Tsumori Chisato  filled with what i think is some sort of wheat or barley.  My granny used to make these for me and they are so, so good.  All you need to do in bung it in the microwave for around 20-30 seconds, take it out, give it a shake and let it work it’s magic!  I like to use mine as a mini hot water bottle, i’ve been taking it in the car everyday to work.  Which is awesome to have whilst you wait on the car heating up.

The next treat is also perfect for me.  Calum is always getting on at me for not finishing a cup of coffee, i’ll take my time, and it will have been cold for around an hour before i manage to finish it/pour it away.  But this little guy is perfect.  A little espresso mug in the perfect size for knocking back a little caffeine kick! 

Smoky eyes are always in for A/W so My Little Box have hooked us up with everything you need to create a sexy evening eye this season! A lovely Chocolatey coloured eye shadow from Yves Rocher along with a smoky eye pencil from Arcancil Paris.  Used together with the little Mascara from My Little Box’s own Beauty range you’ll have yourself a mysterious smoky eye look to rock at your Christmas party.  

Again this month, we’re treated to a little magazine, packed full of autumnal goodies.  Instructions on how to create the perfect smoky eye,  some great tummy warming recipes, hair tutorials and much more! 

What did you all think of the box this month? 

Sarah x 



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