Last week, i bit the bullet and chopped my hair off.  Well, i didn’t, my very trusted hairdresser Hannah did! I’d been swaying about whether or not to go for it since i had my hair dyed back to brown from ombré and the ends weren’t in the best shape.  The one and only thing that was really holding me back was our wedding.  I suppose every bride dreams of having long, tumbling, loréal-worthy hair or a nice intricate up-do for their special day, but when i started to think about it, i just couldn’t be arsed with that.  So off it came.

I’ve never really been one to spend an awful lot of time on my hair.  Wash. Condition. Dry (if i’m lucky and i haven’t slept in) bish, bash, bosh in other words.  However this process has had to become a tad longer since i got a fringe.  They can be the most un co-operative wee buggers.

So getting to the point, i’ve cut my hair, and i’ve started to use Toni & Guy casual range to spruce it up a little.

When i had my hair cut, Hannah used a salt spray to add some texture, failing to ask which one she used i headed to Boots to pick up the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray .  And while i was there, low and behold Boots were doing a 3 for 2 on hair products so i did the only sane thing and picked up the Sculpting Powder, Rough Texturiser and the Radiating Tropical Elixir #winning.

I wouldn’t recommend using all of these products at once, as yes i did try it, and no it didn’t look good.  A little too much of the Sculpting Powder meant that nests could have easily been built on my head if i’d sat still long enough.  So for safety purposes i’d use 3 products max.

I reserve this guy for nights out… he adds an extra Va Va Voom!

When my hair is wet, fresh out the shower i comb it through with a Tangle Teezer and give it a blast with the hair dryer.  Then i work a few drops of the Elixir in with both hands from the roots all the way to the ends… which is a much shorter distance now.

I then give it a couple of sprays with the Sea Salt Spray and set about blow drying with a round brush to get it as straight as possible without having too much heat.

After that, i’ll get any hard to reach bits with my ghd’s (who have seen much, much better days)  The hair on the back of my neck is probably the hardest bit to get these days.  This is when something like 360 degree rotation would be an advantage.

For the finale a generous spray of the Rough Texuriser all over and paying particular attention to your roots on the top finishes it off.  Then it’s up to you how much you mess it up with your hands.  I stick mine right under and give my head a good shake.  Not only does it wake me up but it helps the Texturiser set and adds some more volume.

And voila, there you have it.  A casual i woke up like this hair style that’s easy to do and will stay with you all day without going flat.  If your hair is longer you might need to give an afternoon blast of the Texturiser as a little top up.  But i find my hair holds it nicely all day.

Has anyone else tried this range? How did you find it?

Sarah x


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