So, you’ll know or see from my ‘Archive’ that Blogging is a very new venture of mine.  I started my blog at the beginning of this month, and now that October is coming to an end, it seemed like the perfect time to reflect back and share some tips and tricks on how i managed to fill a month with blog posts whilst working full time.

For those of you out there who have a full time job, almost 45 of your 168 hour allowance for the week is taken up in your work place.  Minus the hours you save for sleeping, socialising, general day to day jobs around the house, and for me, dog walks and wedding planning, it leaves very few hours to focus on your blog.  Exhausting huh?

If you’re like me and are still super excited about your blog, always thinking and creating new ideas, posts and outfits in your head, then some areas in your life might take a back seat.  I’ve been more than happy to let the ironing pile grow and grow while i focus on a new nail polish or blanket wrap.  It’s only natural to save your attention for the things your passionate about, and i think that’s fair.


It pays to be organised.  I am a huge fan of lists and a bit of a stationary addict.  Paperchase know me by name and i have note books coming out my ears.  Lists are great, and note books are great for your lists, ideas and writing up blog posts as soon as one pops into your head.  So make sure you’ve always got one on you!

The Internet
I also find that reading other blogs, magazines, spending hours on Pinterest and lookbook to be super helpful for inspiration, for loads of things from outfit posts to camera angles.  Always remember it’s important to make the best of your photos as well as your writing.

Look for helpful tips 

As well as scribbling on as many bits of paper as possible, it’s great to set up analytics on your blog, you can track which posts your readers prefer and which ones get the most interaction.  Farfetch Have come up with a brilliant infographic to help bloggers out in this area.  Take a look below.

The infographic is a visual breakdown of all the skills and time required to manage a blog. All of the information has been based on an independent survey of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers that Farfetch have reached out to.  it’s made by bloggers, for bloggers and i think it’s quite special.  It’s definitely going to help me to manage my blog going forward. 

Let me know what things you do to keep your blog ticking over, and what you think of this infographic! 

Sarah x


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