That Beyoncé Dress

Everyone went positively ‘do-lally’ when Queen Bey stepped out in this 

Top Shop Satin Stripe A-line dress earlier this year.  And no surprise, the dress quickly sold out, and everyone including myself eagerly waited for it to come back in stock!

This story has a happy ending, as the dress eventually did come back into stock, along with one in green stripes and one in black stripes.  Hallelujah! It’s no surprise that this one has black stripes, but in some lights they look a really dark Navy (or so i like to tell myself) so i think you’d get away with adding some blue to your outfit if you so desired. 

I bought the dress, around a month ago for a wedding that i have this weekend.  and at the time i also ordered a bag from Choies that is a similar take on the Chanel Boy bag except the middle, is transparent. Unfortunately it hasn’t arrived and i’m gutted, was sooo looking forward to wearing it, i thought the chain detail on both the bag and the necklace would look phenom!  But alas, i’m left to try and decide between the bag in the top photo from Zara.  Or the bag below, also, from Zara.  Decisions, Decisions…. (by the time i post this i will have had to make a decision, so come back to find out what it was)

My necklace is from h&m which i can’t see on the website anymore, but i’m sure you’ll be able to pick one up in store, should it tickle your fancy.

My shoes, i looooove. They’re from NewLook and i only discovered them after drooling over the Leopard Print version whilst on my daily swoop of the world wide web.  The ones i ended up buying are Black Pony Hair and look Mum, they were in the sale!! Only £19.99 from £39.99 and it looks like there are tons of sizes left. 

There’s a bitter sweet ending to this story, Calum, unfortunately is offshore for 2 weeks, so is missing the wedding.  It will be my first event ‘flying solo’ which will be weird, but i’m sure i’ll cope!  The sweet part is, that if you read my last post about heel height, you’ll know i need to be very careful when i purchase any new shoes.  HOWEVER Calum isn’t here, so they can literally be as high as my feet can handle! Whoopee! (i’ll regret it later, but for the time being, i’m happy enough)

 I’ll be posting again with some photos of me actually in the dress, so stay tuned if you want to see the outfit all put together on an actual person.  It will be on me however, it’s a cryin’ shame it’s not Beyoncé 😉 

Sarah x


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