Say hello to my lovely smelly bag.  I say smelly because it just oozes with an amazing leather scent. and lovely, well, just look at it.

All Scaramanbag bags come with a dust bag made from recycled Saris, how clever!

 I bought this little number from Scaramanga in St Andrews at their Sample Sale last week after discovering that, i really don’t have enough variety in my bag collection.  Scaramanga is a renowned, award winning leather satchel specialist.  Their shop in St Andrews offers a HUGE variety of leather delights, from bags, purses, ipad covers and pencil cases. Not only that, but they have some great vintage and retro furniture! Lots more of their stuff can be found on their website

Once in the shop last week, I was drawn to the beautiful burgundy/maroon colour of the bag, which differs from the usual tan/brown the shop more commonly stocks. It is super spacious inside, with enough room for the day to day shite i throw in, along with numerous pockets inside and outside the bag.  I really liked the shape of this bag too, although it’s a satchel, it’s longer than the average, with one buckle pocket on the front as a pose to two.  The strap offers plenty holes for lengthening/shortening the strap, which makes it easy to alternate the bag from one shoulder to cross-body, freeing up your hands for using your phone, carrying coffee, having a really theatrical conversation… whatever you fancy.

I’ve used this bag every day since i bought it, and i can’t see me switching to anything any time soon for day to day stuff.  If you want to have a look at the other lovely things Scaramanga offer, check out their website or visit the shop in St Andrews (it smells divine)

Sarah x


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