H&M crinkled skirt Grey Marl Jumper Choies Black Quilted Bag H&M Leather belt

Topshop Leather Jacket- Old.  Similar here 

Yesterday called for a little impromptu Garden shoot once the rain had stopped, I did get a bit of a soggy backside sat on that step though, which left a rather nice mossy mark on my bum afterwards. Oh well, C’est la vie as the French and popular 90s girl group B*witched say…

I accidentally dressed myself in almost head to toe H&M yesterday, no really, it was completely unintentional!  I picked up the jumper and the skirt around the same time and decided the belt i bought there last week would be a nice addition.  Surprisingly (or not) I paired it with my favourite Leather Jacket and Boots from TopShop.  Both old, but are always back in store in one hybrid or another.  My Little Choies bag made another appearance too, cos it’s just so damn cute! Which means i can let it off for being pretty impractical for day use.  It can only really cope with my phone, some lose change and my keys, poor thing.

My necklace is the same one i featured in my post here and i still can’t find it on H&M’s website.  But it’s definitely in store, promise

Not long after this i made my way over to the in-laws to drop Poppy off for the night before work, not before i attempted the colossal pile of doom more commonly known as my ironing pile.  Calum is home from his 2 week stint offshore today (YAY) so i like to pretend the house is always as pristine and ironing-pile-less while he’s gone, and not the laundrette look-a-like it really is.  

Anyway, Happy Monday.

Sarah x 


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