New Look Blanket Wrap

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I bought this blanket wrap from New look a week or so ago, and it's made quite a few appearances out and about lately.  At only £19.99, it's great for sticking on indoors if you're still determined not to turn the heating on, or wearing over a nice knit outdoors, if it's just not cold enough for a coat. 
It looks great with a belt round the middle too, tying it all in so it doesn't flap about in the wind.  

The bag, is from Choies.  I bought it for a wedding i had a few weeks ago, but unfortunately it didn't arrive in time!  It's a tad on the teeny side, but i do like a teeny bag, and i love the transparent panel.  The bag is a take on Chanel's Boy Bag and i think it captures that look rather well. 

Wraps and Ponchos are everywhere this season, and New Look are certainly hitting the mark with theirs.  Check out what others they have to offer here

Sarah x

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