Calum and i went home to my parents house with Poppy on Sunday, just for a wee chill out and to visit some relatives.  It’s always nice to head back home, although insanely quiet, the Borders is just beautiful, there’s soooo much country side, so many great sights that you don’t really appreciate until you don’t live there anymore.  Poppy loves her walks when we go down there and takes around 3 days to recover when we get back to Fife.  

Sunday, we just chilled out all day really, i took a trip into town with Mum to get a few bits and we all headed out for dinner in Melrose that night with my brother who recently got back from New Zealand.  It was nice to catch up and get a good feed.  Later, the boys disappeared either to bed or to find a TV elsewhere while mum and i settled down to watch Downton.  A perfect Sunday night.

Monday was a little more hectic, Calum and i took Poppy for a walk in the lovely wind and rain down by the river more commonly known to locals as the Cauld Haul.  This is the mill that used to sit along side the river, sadly it’s not there anymore, but theres plenty of evidence that it did. 

to the right of this photo is where the Mill stood, a long, long, long time ago… and as i said before, it is just lovely down there.  The big hill in the background is The Black Hill, which is an extinct Volcano! Ohhh! Going a walk up there is a good cure on Boxing Day when you’ve had one too many Sherry’s.

I opted for my French Connection Camel coat, my new Urban Outfitters jeans, and a Cashmere Jumper to keep me cosy.  My Outfit choice didn’t do such a good job of keeping me dry, but at least underneath i was warm. 

After our walk, Calum, my brother and i headed in to Gala for some lunch.  Turnbull’s is a great wee place with a lovely Deli and a wonderful selection of cakes and teas.  Again, it used to be a coffee shop we’d go to every Saturday for a scone with jam! Luckily, you can still do that now! 

The breakfast tea was perfect for the kind of day it was outside.  As you can see, i like mine not too dissimilar to tar.  Super strong, and super sweet! 

For lunch i had the spanish Frittata, with Peppers, Sun Dried Tomato and Chives.  It was amazing, but i could have easily eaten one twice the size, which is exactly why i opted for the next treat….

LOOK AT THIS GUY! Banana and Cinnamon Scone, with Strawberry jam and Clotted cream! Oh baby, it was good! You’ll be aware by now that scones are my weakness.  Maybe it’s a Scottish thing, but i have loved scone for as long as i can remember, and if you give me one with jam and cream, i’m your best friend forever! 

After lunch, Calum and i headed to the florist to sort out the flowers for the wedding, picking out types of bouquets and which type of heather we’d like in the button holes…. you really don’t think such a thing would matter. But it does. Believe me.  We’re getting into the finer details of wedding planning now, all the little bits and pieces to bring the day together and although it’s a bit stressful, we’re both so excited to see it all coming together at last.  

Sarah x 


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