My Wish list for Autumn and Winter is always way, way, way longer than my summer one.  I think the fact i live in Scotland and that i’m accustomed to minus temperatures 70% of the year means that 70% of my wardrobe is generally Chunky knits, jeans and ankle boots.

I’ve plucked out a few things i’ve spotted in H&M recently, online there’s lots of leopard, blouses, blazers and casual tailoring…but i’ve narrowed my finds down slightly for this post.

Black Silk Blouse 

I think this blouse would look awesome with a nice pair of jeans and a blazer, more of a feminine take on the androgynous look.  I really like the cuffs and the Grandad collar, the length would also make it easy to wear it tucked in or hanging free over a nice skirt.

Red Cropped Jumper £29.99
Faux Leather Skirt £24.99

This wee jumper and skirt combo is a dream!  The jumper hits all the right spots for me when it comes to a good knit, High neck, baggy sleeves, and cropped. Win, win…win?

The skirt, i love, i have another faux leather skirt from H&M that is smoother, but i like the grainy leather effect on this one.  I just hope that zip doesn’t go all the way down.  That could end in tears. 

Oversized Coat £39.99

Looking at the androgynous look again… surprise.  

I honestly think that i was meant to be a boy, or maybe it’s just growing up with two brothers has led to me having some underlying need to dress like them.  I dunno.  But i like this coat.  Just think of all the big jumpers you could fit under it? And i’ve gotta say, i love the lapels too, and worn with a cheeky fedora you’d have a nice ‘inspector gadget’ thing going on! 

Black Leather Boots £39.99
Leopard Print Beanie

These boots look like they’d be perfect for me.  As much as i love Calum, the fast that we are the same height, (he likes to claim he’s a little taller, but he’s not) makes shopping in the shoe department pretty restricting for me.  He forbids me from wearing any heel that makes me look like a giant and him….not. So when buying heels some extra consideration for Calum has to come into play, but i think he’d approve of these. 

The beanie, i love, i seem to have developed a small fetish for hats this season, and every shop i’m in, i like to try them all on.  Using the excuse that now my hair’s short, i need to check that i can still pull it off.  Noone’s buying it. 

Grey Marl Poncho £29.99

I am dying to get my hands on one of these! I loved the ones that Burberry did at Fashion Week, with the little added monogramming.  However, to get the Poncho and the monogram, you’d be skinning yourself over £1000. Ain’t no one got time for that.  Well atleast i don’t (i have a wedding to pay for you know) So for the time being, i suppose this one will do, a total bargain at £29.99 with the added extra of fringing, i rekon swishing about in this little baby would be super fun! 

Sarah x



  1. October 8, 2014 / 8:44 pm

    That black silk blouse is gorgeous and loving those boots too, definitely need new ones 😀 I love this season more because layering is so much more fun! Hopefully the Scottish gorgeous country can beat up against any discomfort of cold weather 😉 Maya – Archistas

  2. October 8, 2014 / 9:57 pm

    Well here's hoping… but secretly i rather love the cold. Means i can wear loads of clothes at once! Sarah x

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