So yesterday we all headed to Glasgow to see Sam Smith at the O2 ABC which we’ve had booked for what seems like forever.  We booked the tickets back at the start of the year for lovely Dan here’s Birthday, and we also arranged for his best pal from back home in London to come along with us, we’re good huh?

Obviously we started yesterday off with some coffee in Dundee before it was all aboard the Mega Bus to Glesgae.

We stopped off to pick up a few ‘bus beverages’ on the way to the station.  I was a little disappointed as this didn’t really taste anything like a Mojito, but more like a Smirnoff Ice. There was a brief moment were i was transported back to when i might have had one or two of those at Christmas… I didn’t really enjoy it then, and i really didn’t enjoy it yesterday. 

We had a couple of hours of panic buying outfits before we headed to dinner.  I’ll be doing a post of what i wore sometime soon, but for now, this is generally food. And drinks. 

 Topolabamba is an authentic Mexican restaurant on St Vincents St, it serves traditional mexican street food such as, Tacos, Burritos, Enchiladas… you name it, they had it. 

We ordered a couple buckets of beer and a few bits and pieces from the Street Food section of the menu, designed for you to be able to order a few of each thing to make a meal.  We sensibly ordered one thing each. No one wants the mexican bloat on a night out.  

The food was absolutely awesome, and we all talked about heading back to really fill up and eat our weight in tacos. 

The main event, and the reason for our trip, Sam Smith. What a gent.  His set was short but oh so sweet, it really was a great gig.  I cried. Yes i know, but have you heard this guy sing?  It’s like angels pulling on your heart strings.  I absolutely recommend that you try very, very hard to get tickets somewhere for the remainder of his UK tour.  And make sure to bring some tissues.  

Today has been less enjoyable.  Too much bar hopping and one too many 90’s hits in Polo Lounge meant we were all a little worse for wear this morning. 

 Thank Goodness for The Social, Bloody Mary’s and Brunch.  We sat here until it was socially acceptable that we be seen outside, which to be honest, wasn’t even acceptable then.  Bloody Mary’s are my saviour, and i swear by them to sort me out.  However on this occasion i don’t think anything but my own bed, strong tea and at least 10 hours sleep will fix.  It’s so great being 25…
Sarah x


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