Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the wonder that is the Upper Street Bat Shoe, made specially for Halloween using a screen-printed bespoke bat design, in collaboration with leading ceramics designer Volpe and Volpe.  Aren’t they divine? 

I love the combination of bats and flower detail.  If you take a close enough look, these bats are something special, there is so much detail to them! And the flowers add a softer touch, which in my opinion means that with a simple black outfit, i’d be happy to wear these shoes all year round.  

Getting into the spirit of things, although i will be working this Halloween, i decided to put a little outfit post together and pretend that i’ll be heading out to tell jokes and fill a bucket with sweets.  Oh to be 12 again!

Periana Long sleeve Maxi Kimono

Sticking with the bat theme, i scoured the web in search of some batty themed outfits, and Miss Guided came up trumps! They’ve got a great selection of alternative Halloween outfits, for those wishing to keep it more Sexy than Scary! Now i’m not talking ‘Mean Girls Halloween Sexy’, but a more demure and mysterious sexy, that’s still in keeping with the Halloween spirit and not just dressing as a “sexy bunny” and plonking some cotton wool on your toosh! 

Tsanna Veil Beanie

I love this Buffy Bat Print Bodycon dress, wear with the Upper Street Bat shoes, the Missguided Veil Beanie and a nice fur coat, it’s the perfect ensemble to keep cosy and cool all at the same time this Halloween, you’ll have that bucket brimming with drumsticks and chocolate coins in no time!

Or if you want to keep the pins warm and insulated just check out these Bad ass Winni Bat Leggings, Keep it simple on the top and have a party on the bottom (LOL) These are sure to keep the boogy man away and attract nothing but compliments! 

Hope you’ve all got your outfits sorted? 

Sarah x


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