Around once a month i go to visit my lovely friend Shanon at SL. Nail Design to have my nails fixed, she always does such a fabulous job, coming up with new designs and colour combos.  If you live in the area and are in search of someone to sort out your digits, she’s your girl.  We’re always sending each other Pins of different styles we want to try.  And we’re currently trying to find one that will be suitable for the wedding… it’s proving difficult. 

I went to visit Shanon before we left for Glasgow on Wednesday, and this month asked for something a little different.  I’ll usually get Shanon to put on a gel manicure which will last 3-5 weeks, with whatever colour i’m feeling that month adding an accent nail or a bit of glitter.  

This month, i asked her to put some clear gel on, so that i could have a go at painting them myself.  I’ve seen some gorgeous Autumnal colours coming out this season and i was itching to try them.  So to save my nails, and them breaking (worst nightmare) i wanted to make sure they were suitably reinforced before i was let loose with the brush. 

The first colour i’ve chosen to try myself is Merino Cool from Essie, It’s such a gorgeous neutral shade, i’m not really a fan of bright nail colours and will usually go for black or a deep red.  But i like this one, it’s cool and clean and leaves a great shine.  I didn’t need to add a base coat, due to the fact the gel acts as that for me, one smudge opportunity avoided. 

The colour goes on rather thin at first, but bonus that it dries super quick allowing you get get to the next coat in minimal time.  I’ve applied 3 coats to my nails, and shown you each stage above, it really does make all the difference to the colour. 

 I finished off the look with Save the nail 45 second Top Coat giving it an extra shine, and a bit of strength.  

There we go, Perfectly polished Autumn nails, Merino Cool is a great neutral shade that will go nicely with any winter wardrobe, i think i might actually get to the bottom of this bottle.  First time for everything!! 

Sarah x


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