Like a lot of things in life, my specs decided to run out on me.   Probably because they were mistreated, forgotten about and left to be scratched to death at the bottom of my bag, minus protection.  I feel bad for them, i have no idea where they have ended up, poor things!  

So now that the nights are darker, its foggy, (specially here in Scotland) it makes driving for me, all that more difficult. So it was definitely time to get a new pair, just so i don’t injure myself and others throughout the winter.

Ace & Tate are based in Amsterdam, They design and manufacture the loveliest glasses and sun glasses, and BONUS, no added cost for your prescription.   They have a great story too, they really care about your eyes, and the environment, making their new range, Black is the new Green, out of 100% bio-degradable acetate with 70% of it’s compounds from all natural sources.  Who can argue with that?

Now usually ordering specs online is a little confusing when putting in all the + and -‘s but Ace & Tate make it nice and simple.  All you have to do is choose a style that you like, and if you’re finding this difficult, there is a feature to upload a picture of your face and virtually try on the glasses.  This is a little funny so i just decided to go for a shape similar to my old ones.  Colour wise, i chose black, there are a few others on there you can also chose from but i figure, as i always do, black would be best.

Step two, you upload a picture/copy of your prescription, and two photos (this is the fun bit) The guys at Ace & Tate will work out your Pupillary Distance from a photo of your face, with a credit card under your nose.  This caused me some hilarity while i was taking the photo, so here’s an example for your benefit.

Once thats done, and the folks at the end of the email get a good laugh at you looking like a wolly, you’re good to go.  You get a friendly email from a nice lass called Renée who confirms you’re all set.  A day or two later, another email, your glasses have been made and are on their way to you.

Mine arrived six days from the day i sent the weird photos in.  Amazing timing considering they are flying to you internationally.  The packaging is great, and the case is nice and slim, so will fit in the teeniest of bags and still keep the glasses nice and safe.

So meet George, my nice, new, shiny, unscratched (and will hopefully stay that way) Specs.

He comes highly recommended, and so does the service.

Have you ever bought from Ace & Tate? Which frames did you go for?

Sarah x



  1. October 8, 2014 / 8:46 pm

    Ah such a pretty pair! Loving that last photo too 🙂 so nice that they give such great service, I've never thought of ordering glasses online, always afraid it won't fit but it seems their service took care of that too. Maya – Archistas

  2. October 8, 2014 / 9:55 pm

    Oh they really did. And it was super fast! Well worth a go! Sarah x

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