Introducing, Boo.B.Smoothies

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If you've been following my accounts for a while, you'll know that i am a big supporter of breast feeding, and all the goodness it provides for your baby.  When i got pregnant i started to research ways to ensure i would have enough milk to feed my baby, you may have caught my post i did with a recipe for Lactation Cookies?  Well that's just one of the fun ways you can make sure you're producing enough to feed the growing person you've given birth to.  Another tasty, and fun way i've found to promote milk supply is Boo.B.smoothies containing all the lovely breast milk promoting ingredients you need. Through the wonders of Instagram I contacted Siaba, Mama Boss and Owner of Boo.B.Smoothie to get an insight into how she came about producing such an amazing product. 

Back in 2015 Siaba Tumoe became a mum, and like a lot of us, decided she wanted to breast feed her baby.  However, as it is with breast feeding, things don't just happen, it's not always so easy and it can cause some major Stress.  Siaba is lucky enough to have a mother who researched different foods that would help her produce more milk and she began to make sure they were incorporated into her cooking at home.  With a new found interest in to the 'Lactogenic' foods her mum had discovered, Siaba began to make smoothies with the ingredients, a quick and convenient way to get them into your system, great for busy mums.  After sharing her smoothies with friends, and receiving great feed back, Siaba began her Boo.B.Smoothie journey.... 

The sachets come in three different flavours, Chocolate, Strawberry and Peanut Butter and Banana all of which are delicious! The only thing you need to add is half a banana and a cup of milk, almond milk, rice milk, whatever you fancy.  If you're feeling adventurous the Strawberry sachet is great in a fruit smoothie, adding in some more fruit, (some frozen) you'll make a great healthy drink that tastes amazing and promotes a great and steady supply of mum milk! Siaba has created something great, not only an awesome product, but a great support system for mums and their boobs! Thanks Siaba, we owe you one!! 

Sarah x  

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BBHugme Review - Pt II

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Welcome to part two of my BBHugme Pregnancy Pillow review.  Firstly 'Pregnancy Pillow' doesn't really do this justice... it should be called 'Pillow no one can do without. ever' I have praised this long squidgy pillow countless times across my social media accounts for it's ability to provide the best nights sleep. ever.  I used my BBHugme pillow through my third trimester after hastily declaring 'oh i don't need a pillow...' 'i'll just use the ones on the bed...' well, needless to say i ate my words pretty swiftly after trying this out.  The soft bamboo sleeve and teeny tiny beans within the pillow provide the softest and most helpful pregnancy companion.  

We were really looking forward to using the pillow after Wren arrived, and she loves it as much as we do.  I did however, buy us a more 'baby friendly' sleeve as the lilac wasn't really cutting it after a lengthy feed! We've been able to use the pillow as a rest stop for Wren to nap on whilst i've got my hands busy, a feeding pillow, which helps my tired arms when she's feeding round the clock, and a back support for her and for me... we really couldn't use it more even if we tried.  Ultimately the most important use that the pillow has been used for is to aid with feeding.  We struggled with one side, positioning, height, angle etc; and since using the pillow to pop Wren in the right position, she's able to get a full belly, an invaluable help, keeping her happy and me stress free! 

Needless to say, i'm really excited to offer the readers of my blog, an exclusive discount for BBHugme, a wee treat for you to save a bit of cash on your own pillow! It really is super worth while, everyone (as you can see) in the family approves, and you'll get so much use out of it.  Please check out Part I of my review here, and click BBHugme to be taken straight to their website. 

USE DISCOUNT CODE- SARAH15 when checking out....


Have a great Sunday. 
Sarah x 

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Introducing, Wren...

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After i had my Wren, a good friend of mine made me aware of something rather special she had discovered on Facebook.  A clothing brand, selling liberty print dresses, rompers and trousers for babies and toddlers, and the best bit?  It's was called 'Wren'.  Calum and i both cooed over the clothing and in our sleep deprived state, both, unknowingly sent messages to Hannah asking for a catalogue.  Hannah, replied to us both and sent us her beautiful mail order brochure featuring all the clothing items and prints to choose from, a near impossible task when everything is so darling.  Hannah and I  both got to chatting over a few emails and decided that seeing as we both have gorgeous daughters sharing the name, we should do some work together, starting with this post... 

You can check out Hannah's boutique on Facebook, Wren Baby & Child and her website will be up and running shortly.  However, in the mean time check out the interview we did below and get to know Hannah a bit better.  And, be sure to head over to Instagram and show her some love, you'll find her at @wren_babyandchild.   And please, take 5 minutes to appreciate the cuteness that is my Daughter in her Liberty print Romper made specially for her, by Hannah! (all the heart eyed emojis) 

Full name - Hannah Jane Dulcie Bates
Business name - Wren Baby & Child
Type of business - Baby & Toddler Clothing
Location- Cowbridge

Q1. Have you always wanted to make and sell children's clothing?

I'd be lying if I said yes. My passion was always lingerie. I used to make and sell lingerie in Liberty fabrics in my spare time. I sold to boutiques and on my website, which attracted an investor. The investment enabled me to open a lingerie boutique in Bath, selling designer lingerie and my own brand of lingerie, Hannah Dulcie. 

Q2. What inspired you to start up 'Wren clothing'

During my first pregnancy I closed our shop and moved to Wales to join my husband. With a desire to continue designing and sewing, I began experimenting with patterns for baby clothes. I didn't know the sex of my baby but I made floral dresses and playsuits in Liberty fabrics. I found myself working into the early hours, and getting up at six in the morning to continue. I was enjoying it so much, I couldn't stop. I took a selection of samples to local children's clothing shops and a couple of London based boutiques - all of which placed orders. It was very exciting. 

Q3. Where do you get the ideas for your designs?

It varies, some of the designs are inspired by the clothes I love to wear now or wore as a child. Others come out of experimentation with my patterns. Often, an existing pattern will inspire a new pattern. Such as the bow smock top, became a bow dress.
I have always loved traditional shapes such as the smock and details such as pleats, ruching and ruffles. I love clothes that you can throw on all year round and layer up when its cold. I was in a quandary whether to line the clothes as Liberty fabric is very fine. I lined a few pieces as an experiment and felt they lost their simple charm. My daughter wears the collection all year round. Even the playsuits - I layer these over tights and a long sleeved vest, maybe add a cardigan if its chilly.

Q4. Would you ever look to expand 'Wren' ? Perhaps into boys clothes or older age groups?

Definitely. Currently I have two young children at home with me so its hard for me to increase my offering. My son starts full time nursery in September and my daughter, part time, so I will have more time then. Even the admin takes so much time. I don't like to work while my children need my attention so I work when they are asleep. I have a small team of seamstresses to help with the making. I hope to introduce boys clothing officially next spring.

Q5. What's the best thing about making baby girl clothes?

I work predominantly in Liberty tana lawn, which lends itself to girls clothing. I have loved Liberty lawn for as long as I can remember, its so pretty and delicate. Girls clothing has endless opportunity for new shapes and detail. Boys clothing less so but I hope to embrace the simplicity. For boyswear, I'll work in fabrics and prints that lend themselves to simple styles, such as 100% Linen, pinstripes and needlecord. There are also a few Liberty prints that feature cars, boats and airplanes rather than flowers.

Q6. What's the toughest thing about making baby girl clothes and also being a mum of two?

The hardest thing is the guilt. If my day is interrupted with trips to the post office or business calls, I feel dreadfully guilty. I want to give my children as much of my time and energy as I can offer. I believe every day should be a mini adventure. However, sometimes its impossible to keep work entirely separate from my day-to-day routines at home. 

Q7. How do you decide on what prints to use?

This I find very difficult because others might not like a print that I am completely crazy about. I find that certain prints are more popular, and those I will keep in the collection. The prints that don't sell so well I will probably drop and add new choices before Christmas. It is also determined by Liberty. Quite often a print will be discontinued. I have just learned that Rosa has been discontinued and this is in my current selection.

Q8. What's the most rewarding thing about your job?

Probably the creativity. I get a huge amount of pleasure out of being creative. Its very satifying seeing my daughter and other children wearing items I have made myself.

Q9. What if your favourite piece in the collection and why?

My favourite piece is the embroidered ruffle playsuit. Its a tricky piece to make and I think I almost shed tears of frustration making the first one. Now the pattern is resolved and I think they look so cute on, especially on little babies. Originally they were only to be available in white linen but I made one in a Liberty print and instantly decided to offer the style in the prints.

Q10. If you weren't creating beautiful baby clothes, what would you be doing? 

I would probably be going back to what I always used to do, which was business development. I was a Business Development Manager before I found investment to open a shop.

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Cookies with a Difference

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So in a bid to make sure i was full-y equipped to feed my baby, i started to research different ways Mums can help with the milk production.  I'd always been really, really keen to breast feed and give myself and my baby the best chance at it as possible.  I'd come across loads of different ways to help ensure you have a good supply, so i decided to try some of them out.  First up, is a yummy baked good, 'cos lets face it, everyone loves a cookie right?   Even my husband liked these, and polished off quite a few himself.  The recipe might look a bit confusing, but really it's not.  Just follow nice and slowly and take your time, you'll be sure to produce some yummy magic milk making biscuits. 

You will need
255g of rolled oats
130g all-purpose flour
5 tablespoons brewers yeast 
3 tablespoons ground flaxseed
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
180g unsalted butter
4 tablespoons organic coconut oil
130g soft brown sugar
1 large egg + 1 large egg yolk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
130g 85% Dark Cocoa (I used Lindt)

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together your oats, flour, yeast, flaxseed, baking powder, soda, cinnamon and salt until well blended. 

With an electric mixer in a separate bowl, beat the butter and coconut oil on medium speed until creamy. Add in the sugar and beat until nice and fluffy.  Add in the egg and egg yolk, beating until combined.  Add in the vanilla extract and beat until combined again. Gradually add in the dry ingredients, beating on low speed until just mixed. Stir in the chocolate chips with a spatula until they are evenly dispersed.
Scoop the dough into 1-inch rounds, using a tablespoon or a soup spoon, and place on a baking sheet about 2 inches apart as they will spread with the heat. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the bottoms are just golden. Let cool completely before munching to your hearts content.  Store in a air tight container and keep for around 1 week. 
Enjoy Mamas! 
Sarah x 

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Josefina- Whats In My Hospital Bag

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Hi guys, welcome to my first post, post pregnancy.  Wren and i are sat infront of the TV, her rocking in the pram and me on the sofa, stealing a few precious moments to blog.  I'm hoping to do a birth story blog soon with a proper announcement, but in the mean time here's a little sneak peak into the hospital bag that saw me though.  Firstly, there is no such thing as 'A' Hospital Bag... there is however, Hospital Bag[S] You could never fit everything that you and baby might need within one bag... unless of course you're taking your summer suitcase.  I'm taking my Josefina bag, as the parent compartments can be removed making it a super slick over night bag for Mama.  Baby has his or hers own bag too, and i'll reveal what we packed from them soon! 

Being that it's most common for Mama's to start their labour during the night, it's probably wise to pack some PJs and slippers.  Noone wants to walk about a hospital in their bare feet, or sleep in a lovely open backed gown... do they?  I chose to pack a nice new pair of slippers i was given for Christmas that i've not got round to wearing yet,  they were perfect for roaming around settling Wren before nap time, along with a super size (like 5 sizes too big) night shirt, the shirt part is really important for breast feeding Mums.  The buttons made it real easy to access those tatas without fumbling round in the middle of the night trying to feed your wee one.  I also stuck in my favourite scarf, for whatever reason i like to have it with me at all times, it's extra snuggly. and a hot water bottle, for any back pain pre and post labour, however, i can now tell you that the hospital wont actually let you fill it (health and safety) so make sure to ask them for a heat pack! 

Packing a few toiletries is essential.  After a sweaty labour a shower is a welcomed haven to get freshened up afterwards, and theres nothing like smelling nice and clean to make you feel better.   I packed some PanAway oil in a spray bottle, this acts like Deep Heat, it works to help sooth your muscles and joints and Calum used it to spray on my back for a few massages in the early stages of labour.  I also used it throughout my pregnancy and it's been really helpful for easing the strain. I also stuck in some fancy perfume from Jo Malone, and my good face cream.  I didn't fuss with make up after giving birth but a fresh face and smell is the best feeling.  I used Lavender oil in my labour suite in my diffuser which made the room smell like a spa! (ha) but it kept me really relaxed too. 

I packed some reading (and writing) material just incase.  I knew that births for some people go super quick and some go SUPER slow, (ours felt like the latter).  I've found that reading helps me relax and pass time, and i'm sure it would have been really helpful had i been able to concentrate on anything other than contractions! 

Some other essentials, are snacks and underwear.  Something that probably shouldn't be in the same sentence, but i'm not here to drag this out.  People told me to get myself some paper pants for after the birth.  That did not happen. I packed some big comfy cotton ones (which were totally fine) along with a good maternity bra and some breast pads.  All comfy, all soft, and all tiny little things that will make  you feel human again.    The snacks, obviously not just for me, but it's nice to pack some things for your birth partner too, remember they're in this with you.  Calum and i had some high energy snacks, along with some personal faves ready to take in and we munched the lot over the two days we were in! 

Lastly, i took my BBHugme pregnancy pillow, you just try and stop me taking this anywhere where there is a bed. I also downloaded some labour music to have on hand to played it in the pool and labour ward.  It really helped me in my breathing classes and birth.
Now i guess that's it.  If anyone has any tips on any extras to take, please add in the comments.  Hopefully this will help some of you wondering just what to take, and one point i will make, other than the mags, we used every bit of stuff in this post!!

Have a great Monday. 

Sarah x 

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Sophie & Co Giveaway

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For or those of you who have been following
my pregnancy journey here on IG or over on my blog, you'll be well aware of my fan-girl relationship with Sophie from Sophie & Co . I discovered Sophie's account very early on in my pregnancy
and immediately bought as many gender friendly pairs of bloomers as I could!! They're adorable!! If you haven't seen, Sophie produces some of the most beautiful baby wear all by herself and her own live in model (and daughterLuna showcases them across her accounts. She's definitely one insta-mum I've been heading to for mum-spiration! So with that, to celebrate her new Summer 2016 collection, and the birth of Baby Ferguson (which hopefully isn't too far away) we decided to team
up to run a giveaway with a win a Sophie & Co  Summer Wardrobe, 3 items of your choice, we're asking you to share your thoughts on what parenthood has taught you/is teaching
you. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us cringe (think we've all been taught a lesson from a pint-size human that makes us cringe huh) keep it short, or go for an essay...but keep it honest, reflective
and use the hashtag #youvetaughtmethis tagging both @Sophieandcoshop & @sarah_louise_ferg so we can see your posts! If you're private send either of us a DM. // Competition ends Monday 30th May at 8.30PM, Sophie & I will choose our favourite share shortly after!
Spread the word mamas! 

Happy Monday Guys! 

Sarah x 
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Promptly Journals

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This week i received the sweetest parcel from Promptly Journals.  A diary of sorts, that documents your baby's life from the First Trimester until their 18th Birthday; upon which you gift the journal to your child.  Now i've seen many, many baby books and diaries over the last nine months, and i do have one for to keep for myself, but i just love this idea.  
Jayne Swallow of Promptly Journals talks a little on her site about How and Why she came up with a journal that 'Prompts' you rather than an ordinary  blank page book.  She describes herself as a bit of an 'organisational nut' keeping a normal diary herself through her first pregnancy, but finding that the blank pages were too time consuming trying to get all the important details down.  She then tried mobile apps and Instagram in a bid to never forget the journey her and her little one were taking together, but ended up finding that 'too much' and being back to square one...  Now however, here we are, a second child and a brain wave, a way to document (easily) the milestones and important parts of your child's life for the next 18 years. Easy and doable for all your children, so you'll never get the guilt of not doing for one what you did for another! 

I absolutely love the idea and concept of these diaries, they are a great gift for you, or for an expecting friend looking to jot down the pregnancy flutters and thoughts.  I'm dedicating some time just now to jot down my thoughts on my pregnancy in the first few pages, before i forget, and before the next chapter of the next 18 years begins.... 

Sarah x 

Find Promptly Journals on IG here-

And online Here -

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