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A Black Friday round up that’s actually tried and tested.

Evening folks. How are we all? I mentioned on Instagram this week that I wouldn’t be doing the usual round up of all the different bits and pieces I ‘wanted’ in the Black Friday sale but I would be supplying links to all the things I already own and have shared, talked about or just genuinely purchase over and over.…

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Looking for Black Friday Discounts? Heres a little something from Nordgreen.

Black Friday is just around the corner and Nordgreen have very kindly given my readers a discount code BBC35 that will give you the chance to purchase one of their watches at a third of the price! Now I know 2020 hasn’t exactly been great, but it’s pick me ups like this  that really soften the blows  that just keep comin’ I wrote…

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Everything you need to get outside in November

We’re all spending a lot more time outside that’s a given. This year has kicked our butts and the only remedy seems to be fresh air fun, no restrictions and holding onto the special moments we can create with those closest to us. I’ve made a wee list of things that will be ideal for all the outdoor pursuits you…

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The Future. My plans and hopes for 2021.

Well 2020 has been a right royal shit show hasn’t it? The whole world has been turned upside down with seemingly irreversible damage caused to hundreds of thousands of people. But hey, you knew all that already. I’ve tried my best to be a positive Penny, through job loses and changes to our lives. I’ve felt like I’ve faced everything…

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Have you heard of Nordgreen? Here’s why you should be shopping with this great Scandi watch brand

Well isn’t this a turn out for the books.  Hey guys, how the hell are you?  Firstly, I wanted to start by thanking Nordgreen for sponsoring this post, we’re about to learn all about their amazing sustainable watches and I couldn’t be happier about it.  During this crazy COVID time we find ourselves in, the days and hours can seem to drag,…

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